Sunday, May 25, 2014

Don't put things off until tomorrow

I've always enjoyed the look of this old building. It used to be the tannery in town. For the last couple of years I've said I wanted to take pictures of the building. A couple of weeks ago I finally remembered my camera and snapped a dozen pictures of this old character. Yesterday I was sad to see they are starting to take down the old buildings. I'm glad I had my camera when I did.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Being a mom is a twenty four hour a day job with little recognition. Take some time day and do something for yourself.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May Day

Celebrate May Day with our anthology book.

a May Day anthlogy
by Chrsitine Young, C. L. Kraemer, Rosemary Indra, and Genie Gabriel

May Day has been celebrated since Roman times with dancing, baskets of flowers, and bonfires. In this collection of May Day stories, Rogue's Angels--Christine Young, C.L. Kraemer, Rosemary Indra and Genie Gabriel--continue the celebration with humor, faeries and falling in love.
Highland Miracle -- Christine Young
HURTLED THROUGH TIME, Sean Michael Sterling, landed in the midst of a May Day celebration he didn’t understand, assuming the role of Laird Sterling.
ILLIGITAMATE CHILD OF NOBILITY, Reagan Douglas searches for a way out of her half brother’s house. 

Defying the Odds -- C.L. Kraemer
The night elves on the hill aren't happy without their magic. They concoct a plan to punish those who were involved in the act that rendered them almost human. Meanwhile, Uther, the rogue night elf, has returned to woo the Librarian to be his eternal mate.

Love in Bloom -- Rosemary Indra
When childhood friends reunite it takes two fairies and a matchmaking daughter to help them admit their true love for each other.

No More Poodle Skirts -- Genie Gabriel
After drifting for years in the innocent age of the 1950s, a woman struggles to join today's world by finding a career and a new love, with some help from her zany family.