Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

As I was looking through some craft supplies, the other day, I found Valentines cards from my childhood. Instantly memories of decorated shoe boxes and the glittered little cards came back to me. Valentines Day was always a fun holiday with the anticipation of giving and receiving the cards or candy to classmates. 
What is your favorite Valentines memory? 

In my book The Look of Love Scott Denton plans a Sweetheart banquet as a way to express his love for Penny Herrington. Read more about Scott and Penny below.

Excerpt from The Look of Love by Rosemary Indra
Scott walked into the bathroom to fill a warm bath for Penny. The tiny room smelled of her floral perfume. He felt as if she’d wrapped her arms around him welcoming him home.
            The first thing he noticed when he entered the room was her panties. Satin undies lay across every towel bar in the room. Colorful. Shiny. And sexy as hell. He could feel the hot flush in his jeans.
            He opened the shower curtain to discover a clothesline strung the length of the tub, also full of unmentionables. The fabric felt smooth in his hand and he started to wonder how the satin would feel against her soft skin.
            Her panties felt soft and sensual when he removed them from the line. Scott had never thought of Penny’s underwear before but now he’d glimpsed the simmering colors, he’d never be able to look her in the eye without thinking of her sexy panties and wonder what color she wore under her clothes.
            He ignored the soft fabric and concentrated on filling the tub for her with warm water. He added some bath salt from a bottle on the tubs edge.
             “You know I can fix my own bath,” she said at the doorway.
            He jumped at the sound of her gentle voice.
            “I’m sorry. I forgot they were in here.” With the crutches under her arms, she reached out for her underwear.
            “How are you going to carry them with your crutches? Where would you like them?” He kept his gaze locked with hers hoping to hide the effect her personal apparel had on him.
            “Just toss them on my bed.”
            He stifled a groan at the thought of Penny’s lingerie on her bed.
            “Scott.” At the sound of her voice he quickly grabbed the last pair of panties and stuffed them under his arm. With the quick movement, colorful wisps of satin fluttered to the floor. He bent over and picked up her garments, trying to look nonchalant but he could feel his face warm with discomfort.
            “You really need another bathroom. Then your personal items aren’t out in public where anyone could see them,” his voice was husky with frustration.
            “Scott, I live alone,” she stated shortly. “Very few people see my house let alone my bathroom. So I wouldn’t call this out in public.” She gestured the scope of the room with her hands.