Friday, January 24, 2014

My Two Worlds

              A writer has two worlds; their everyday life and the world they create. It’s a solitaire life as you sit at the computer weaving your characters and their lives together. There are times you struggle getting the words from your mind to paper in a coherent and legible fashion as the ideas swarm in your head. Other times you leave the imaginary world for a glimpse of reality and the challenge is to return to the make-believe before you inspiration evaporates.
                I’m currently in the latter situation. For several reasons I’ve drifted away from the story I’m working on. Now the story and characters are miles away and I need to start at the beginning to regain the thread of their lives.
                Once a month, three of my writer friends and I get together and discuss what we are working on or ideas for publicity. I had several reasons to decline the other nights meeting, from sickness, to not having anything to discuss as my story is still at the beginning and only a portion is in the computer. So I stalled in contacting them as I felt I was letting them down with a no show or more importantly letting myself down. Deep in my heart I knew I could and should do better. So at the last minute I went to our scheduled meeting.
                Only other writer’s truly understand the complexities of both worlds and the separation of the two. As I sat listening to my three friends I was reminded we all struggle with family, aging parents and the need to put words on paper. Writing and/or reading is what balances the rest of our lives and keeps us sane when the family troubles seem unbearable. I’ve wondered how I’d return to my story after such a long hiatus. My friend bluntly stated I needed to BIC—Butt In Chair. Her statement reminded me of an article I read a long time ago in the Reader’s Digest on how average people succeed and a quote I’d taped to my desk. The quote is long since gone but the idea is similar to hers: you glue your butt in the chair and stick with every project doing the best you can.  So today I’m gluing myself in my chair and returning to Until We Met Again.
                I’d like to thank my friends Genene Valleau, Chris Kramer and Chris Young for always keeping me down to earth and reminding me of the pot of glue.

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