Saturday, March 15, 2014


Today has been a quiet, lazy day. We've worked on some needed housework and went for two walks. We even took the two dogs with us they are always a challenge. It's nice to relax and not to worry about a schedule.

My work in progress book Until We Meet Again, 2nd book in my Sweetbriar Series is set in the fictitious town of Forest Ridge nestled along the Columbia Gorge. I've been working on this story without a definite outline and I think that's why the writing is going so slow. Usually I have a clear vision of the ending of a story but the ending is not apparent to me. I need to take my own advice and "glue my butt to the desk chair" and do some serious work on it.  Maybe I need to go back up to Multonmah Falls and let the beautiful scenery invigorate me and the story.

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